Zeugolis, Dimitrios

NFB-SRC Principal Investigator

Network of Excellence for Functional Biomaterials
National University of Ireland,

+353 91 49 3166

Research Interests

Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Bioengineering; Nanotechnology; Soft Tissue Repair / Regeneration (tendon, skin, cornea, nerve); Macromolecular Crowding; Extracellular Matrix Biology; Scaffold Stabilisation & Functionalisation; Directional Growth of Cells for Neotissue Formation; Sustained Release of Therapeutic Molecules; Drug Delivery / Release

Professional Qualifications

Postgraduate Degree in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, National University of Ireland, Galway.
PhD in Biomedical and Biomaterials Engineering, University of Northampton, UK.
MSc Food Science and Technology, University of Lincoln, UK.
BSc Animal Science, Technological Education Institution (T.E.I.) of Epirus, Arta, Greece

Selected Publications/presentations

Book Chapters:

Zeugolis, D.I., Paul, R.G. and Attenburrow, G. Reformed Collagen Fibres. In Medical Textiles and Biomaterials for Healthcare (2004), Editors: Anand, S.C., Miraftab, M., Rajendran, S., Kennedy, J.F. and King, M. W., Woodhead Publishing Limited, England, ISBN 1 85573 683 7

Zeugolis, D.I. (invited author), Chan, J. and Pandit, A. Tendons - Engineering Functional Tissues, in The Tissue Engineering Book: State of the Art, Visions, and Limitations, Editor Pallua, N., Springer Publisher

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